Saturday, 10 December 2011

Engine upgrade - from P Jones

If any of you are interested in any engine upgrade options for your late model Cessna 182 S or T mode! aircraft at anytime, or ever have the need or requirement to do any in service cylinder removals or repairs, then please consider the following information as portrayed below.

This first web link :-,htm  is for a upgraded 260HP engine & this engine has a more standard cylinder set up that can be easily oversized down the track if need be & also has the standard style & stronger pistons etc...Plus this engine will bolt pretty well straight into your airframes as it is pretty well physically the same as the original engine.

Then here is another one for a 310 HP TCM engine, of which is currently not fully certified/STC’d as yet, but it will be at some stage soon & is more intended for someone wanting some serious HP or for the likes of parachute operations etc:- Skylane.htm

As sadly the standard engines currently fitted into these late 182 S & T mode! aircraft have the same style of cylinders as what the likes of Bruce Rhoades Maule aircraft has, that we sadly had to renew all of the cylinders on recently, as you can’t oversize them if the bores get worn or rusty as they also have a odd ball & lightweight piston in them that no one has bothered to make as yet in any oversize. Plus due to the fact that the piston skirts are some .070” thinner as a consequence of these weight saving measures than the standard styles of pistons, we have also found that these lightweight pistons are also prone to crack up their skirts if the bores & skirts get worn in service thus developing excessive piston slap. This internal wear is generally externally portrayed by excessive oil consumption, say at a level of a quart per four hours or so of usage.

So if any such engine ever gets down to those levels at all & hopefully they never will, then do not persist with operating the engine & be prepared for the expense of potentially renewing al! the cylinders like what Bruce recently had to do.  Or then ideally put the money into such a replacement engine as portrayed above.  Of which the current respective costs to renew these types of cylinders can end up being around $16000.00 AUD + GST or so including their removal & installation.

The added benefit of the additional HP of these replacement engines will also help drag all the additional weight around that these new model aircraft suffer from with the additional gear in them

If any of you have any queries regarding these matters raised here, then please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime?


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